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Want More Flexible Training!

There are quite few enquiries for more flexible paintless dent removal training including weekends! Well check out PDR Training Australia! They have been upping the ante with so much flexibility there are no longer excuses not to do PDR. You can spread any courses out as long as you like and if they are suggesting correctly on their website, then this is for as little as $500 to $1000 per day! They even provide advanced training and T-Box Training!

Check them out PDR Training Australia

Oh and by the way check out their online PDR eBook training. They report an increase in enrollments this year so hurry!

T-Hotbox Training

T-Hotbox Training The PDR industry has a new PDR tool. PDR Technicians developed t-hotboxes to massage larger dents. Now they are widespread across the industry. Technicians now use hotboxes increasingly to remove smaller dents! One hotbox trainer believes they can quicker than traditional PDR! Steel and aluminium are a couple of metals that PDR technicians […] Continue reading →

Paintless Dent Removal Resources

Paintless dent removal courses are generally hands on as typically most clients are used to the concept of hands on learning. However, it is also important in paintless dent repair that resources are made available that will assist in the understanding of the PDR as a business and concepts. PDR Training Australia has done just […] Continue reading →

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is the art of removing dents without the need to respray the vehicle. The industry in some ways is really historically related to the skills workers who removed dents in assembly lines in the car companies in Europe during the 1940’s. The skills and associated industry somehow re-emerged in the last 30 […] Continue reading →

Paintless Dent Removal Training School

Paintless dent removal is a fast developing industry. The concept involves repair of hail damage dents or even car park dents without the requirement of spraying the vehicle. Paintless dent removal (also known as paintless dent repair) not so long ago was a very secretive industry. PDR technicians would hide what they could do to […] Continue reading →