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PDR Training – which one to choose?

Generally, this PDR School was set up to provide some insight into PDR Training and the expanding paintless dent removal industry. PDR schools offer paintless dent removal training and information on how to develop appropriate plans to enter into the industry.

PDR School Training pushing dent

PDR Training pushing dent

Much uncertainty can exist for those entering into the industry and researching about this industry can be a daunting  task. There are no regulations per se but at least one can get a taste of what to expect. Unlike other industries where one can get ample information and assistance from government bodies and educational institutions, the PDR industry has not been around for that long and it seems there have been no know state or national associations or standards developed. This will come in time but for the time being, it best to be armed with information on how to approach genuine and professional run companies or businesses in this industry.

Most companies that provide repair also do training particularly in the off season. This means unfortunately there are often no guarantees in the specified training being offered in most cases. The PDR Technicians’ bread and butter is hail repair work so it is not uncommon to have courses postponed if such a course co-indices with a hailstorm event.

PDR School Courses

Difficulty paying? Can’t take days off? You can split up days with us.

  • Payment as you go? = Pay for Day’s separately
  • Split the days or pair the days as you please

$1000 for one day

then $1000 for the second day

and $1500 for the third day and for certification

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Pdr training ebook sample

Pdr training ebook sample

It is important within the research of any pdr training body to ask for proven experience and results in getting people into the industry.